Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.10.13 Love Request outfits

WG wore these outfits at several events. Some of them were broadcasted but never in HD. The first one is the one in the title and the second one was on 2007.10.15 on MBC Every1.

Anyway the first pictures are from a photoshooting. Several news sites used these photos like JoyNews24 and Yonhap.

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Photos of Wonder Girls in Thailand 2008

Looking at the date this event was hold veeery late at the end of the Tell Me promotions right before So Hot. But since it’s the exact same outfits as on the Music Bank stage with Big Bang I will upload the pics already.

The exact name of the show is ‘Wonder Show with Wonder Girls’ and it was held in the Siam Paragon (a shopping mall) in Bangkok, Thailand on 2008.05.10. They performed the songs Tell Me, Irony and Take It.

There are ALOT of pics from this event. Lot’s of press photos and also lots of fan-taken ones. To make it easier for anyone who’s really interested to get them all I decided I will make download links to mediafire this time so you can download a whole bunch at once.

태국 원더걸스 공연 사진 텔미 아이러니 가져가

First one is really big by Asiae

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Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.10.05 Music Bank outfits

The blue Tell Me outfits from WG’s joint stage with Big Bang on Music Bank. They wore these outfits again in 2008 when they went to Thailand so I will make a seperate blog entry for that. But it’s exactly the same outfits so there are a lot of photos! I’ll start this entry with the photos from the press photoshoot with Sports Donga. Quite nice group and individual shots 스포츠동아 원더걸스 텔미 촬영

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Wonder Girls outfits from the Korea Congratulation Show

They wore these outfits only a few times (at least Sohee’s pink 8 top).
The official title for the broadcast performance on 2007.09.16 was 전국 기능 경기대회 축하쇼 (National skills competition celebration show) but most pics are from a university festival.

The following pics are all from the Daegu Haneui University performance on 2007.09.11. 원더걸스 대구 한의대학교 텔미 공연 직찍

First ones are by parkozen_kei96311/흐르는강물처럼 who was as awesome as to send me his/her (almost) complete collection of photos in full-size!

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Wonder Girls Mnet M!Countdown Tell Me Comeback Stage photos

In this post I’ll show you all pics I collected from WGs Mnet comeback stage on 2007.09.13! 엠!카운트다운 원더걸스 텔미 컴백 사진

First up the official pics from Mnet. I love that Mnet always takes photos of their performers! These shots are amazing!
Sohee first wore a yellow skirt in the rehearsal shots.. wonder why they changed it for the final performance..

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Wonder Girls – Tell Me Comeback Stage Photos

Here’s a collection of all my pics of WG in their Tell Me comeback outfits. There aren’t alot of photos because WG were not performing the song alot yet. 원더걸스 텔미 컴백 사진 모음

Let’s start with the outifts for their first comeback performance on 2007.09.07 at Music Bank. 뮤직뱅크 원더걸스 컴백무대 의상 사진

These pics where from an online shop that sold bracelets, rings and earrings and such and promoted them with the Wonder Girls. I don’t have all of the pics in full-size but I share what I have. 원더팔찌, 반지, 이어링 스타샵에 올라온 사진 – Images from Star Shop. As far as I know these earrings and bracelets were sold online like on gilbot.com. But nowadays they are nowhere to be found just like the images 😦

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