Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2008.05.12 in Thailand

This is the last post with the Tell Me outifts. It’s from the short time when WG promoted in Thailand in 2008 before their So Hot days. The outfits are mixed from older outfits. Sohee’s top is new though. The first pics are from the Digital TV on Mobile Press Conference.

First photos by Ph. Songkiat of kport.multiply.com 원더걸스 태국 직찍 사진

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Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2008.06.19 Remix outfits

Actually most of these photos are from WGs 2nd fanmeeting on 2008.07.26 but I always name my posts after the live performances the girls first wore any outfits. And that was when they performed the remix of Tell Me in M!Countdown in 2008. The outfits are mixed together from earlier performances but I’ll still make this seperate post.  원더걸스 원더풀2기 팬미팅 텔미 의상 사진

Anyway the first pictures are from Stargraphy and I really like them because they are pretty unique ❤

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Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.12.30 Song Festival outfits

Finally we got to the last regular Tell Me outfits! These are all the photos from the KBS Music Festival also called Gayo Daechukje 가요대축제 원더걸스 초고화질 직찍 사진 텔미 돈차 내 남자친구에게 의상 Here are not only the Tell Me outfits but also from the other songs they sang – Don’t Cha and To My Boyfriend. The first pics are really really large by No Cut News 노컷뉴스 – nocutnews.co.kr. Click the pictures to get the full-size

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Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.23 Blue Dragon Award outfits

Here are the white Tell Me outfits WG wore at the Blue Dragon Awards and at the Visual Art Festival on 2007.12.07.

The first pics are from another performance though. The event was called 분당 행사 on 2008.05.02. They are pretty high resolution so click the images for full-view. Also they aren’t tagged so no credits can be given. 원더걸스 텔미 의상 사진

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Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.18 Inkigayo outfits

There are loads and loads of photos with these red outfits because WG attended many festivals with them. I will post the most high resolution first.

These are by blog.daum.net/7237474 and are extremely high resolution. The close ups are very detailed! Click for full-view. The event was called 원더걸스와 소녀시대의 환상콘서트 Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation Fantasy Concert on 2007.12.05 and Wonder Girls also held a fan-signing 원걸 팬사인회 초고화질 직찍 사진

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Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.17 Graduation Show outfits

These photos are almost only from the 16th Cyworld Digital Music Award on 2007.11.22 원더걸스 제16회 싸이월드디지털뮤직어워드 초고화질 직찍 사진

SPD took alot of VERY high quality photos but unfortunately they don’t have them in their blog anymore and it’s hard to find them nowadays so I don’t have all in HQ. But I’ll share what I have. The clickable pictures are high resolution. Credit to Star Photo Daily 스타포토데일리 – spdstudio.tistory.com

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Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.16 Music Bank outfits

These red-black outfits are really cool-looking I think. Too bad they didn’t have a single festival performance with them only on Music Bank. So the only photos are press photos which are quite nice though. This was at 두근두근 라이브채팅 Dugeun Dugeun Live Chatting.

The first ones are amazing HD photos from OhMyNews. Click for full-size!

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