Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.08.23 Mnet Choice Awards outfits

The event where Sohee also won the Hot School Girl award x3 This will be the last post of the So Hot era! Wooooh!

Big pictures first. Click for full-size

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Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.07.18 Music Bank outfits

Now this post will be a collection of all sorts of events. WG mixed this outfits quite a bit with some from other performances but I decided to put them all here.

The first even was when they received their second Cyworld Digital Music Award on 2008.07.22

ė›ë”ęąļėŠĪ ė‹ļėīė›”ë“œ ëŪĪė§ ė–īė›Œë“œ ė†Œí•Ŧ ė§ė° ė‚Žė§„

Photos by Stargraphy – photo.sosi.kr

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