Sohee – BH Entertainment 2020 profile photoshoot

I haven’t shared these photos yet because I was sure that they would release more of them. Alas they never did and so these three images are all we have. It seems the pictures were specially taken to be Sohee’s new profile pictures on Nate etc. BH Entertainment shared them on their website in May 2020

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Sohee – Marie Claire 2020 photoshoot

During the filming period for the drama “Missing” Sohee had this photoshoot for the Marie Claire magazine. Again I like BH Entertainments own photos taken during the shoot way better then the final photos. What’s the point of dressing Sohee in a beautiful outfit when they’re only taking a photo of her face?

Title: 처음 보는 안소희 (An Sohee Seen For The First Time)
Magazine: Marie Claire Korea
Issue: September 2020

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