Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears 2010.05.23 Dream Concert outfits

These outfits are.. very interesting. I like the blue strands braided into their hair! There are some really nice fan-taken photos. Of the press-taken photos I’ll only share the ones that aren’t too small to see anything clearly

First two photos are by etipaper

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Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears 2010.05.28 Music Bank outfits

All photos of these outfits are from the ‘EXR Runway Party with Wonder Girls’ on 2010.05.28. The outfits are so cool looking! Lots of rivets everywhere. Lim’s dress looks like they couldn’t decide which design to use so they just sewed two dresses together πŸ˜›

I’ll post the fantaken photos that are nice quality first. The first batch is by SPD

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