Wonder Girls – Reboot album photos

Here are all the images from the digital booklet released alongside the “Reboot” album on iTunes. Please give credit to this blog when you repost any of these images. Click the pictures to see their full size!

RebootBooklet1 RebootBooklet1b RebootBooklet1c RebootBooklet2 RebootBooklet3 RebootBooklet4 RebootBooklet5 RebootBooklet6 RebootBooklet7 RebootBooklet8 RebootBooklet9 RebootBooklet10 RebootBooklet11 RebootBooklet12 RebootBooklet13 RebootBooklet14 RebootBooklet15 RebootBooklet16 RebootBooklet17 RebootBooklet18 RebootBooklet19 RebootBooklet20 RebootBooklet21 RebootBooklet22 RebootBooklet23 RebootBooklet24 RebootBooklet25 RebootBooklet26 RebootBooklet27 RebootBooklet28 RebootBooklet29 RebootBooklet30 RebootBooklet31 RebootBooklet32 RebootBooklet33 RebootBooklet34 RebootBooklet35 RebootBooklet36

Bonus images. They were used in the booklet pictures above but these pics aren’t cropped

RebootBookletBonus1 RebootBookletBonus2 RebootBookletBonus3 RebootBookletBonus4 RebootBookletBonus5b RebootBookletBonus6 RebootBookletBonus7 RebootBookletBonus8 RebootBookletBonus9

The girls shared a few additional pics that weren’t released in the booklet through their Instagram

RebootBookletUnreleased1 RebootBookletUnreleased2 RebootBookletUnreleased3RebootBookletUnreleased4RebootBookletUnreleased5RebootBookletUnreleased6RebootBookletUnreleased7RebootBookletUnreleased8

Making photos from the photoshoot

RebootMaking1 RebootMaking2 RebootMaking3 RebootMaking4 RebootMaking5 RebootMaking6 RebootMaking7 RebootMaking8 RebootMaking9

Photos from the filming of the MV for “I Feel You”

IFeelYouMaking1 IFeelYouMaking2 IFeelYouMaking3 IFeelYouMaking4 IFeelYouMaking5 IFeelYouMaking6 IFeelYouMaking7

Additional photos from the making of the photoshoot


Several photos the girls posted on their Instagrams that they took during the photoshoot

BackstageLim1 BackstageLim1b BackstageLim2 BackstageLim2b BackstageLim3 BackstageLim4 BackstageLim5 BackstageLim6 BackstageLimSunmi1 BackstageLimSunmi2 BackstageYeeun1 BackstageYubinBackstageYubin2BackstageYubin3BackstageYeeunYubinLimBackstageYeeun2BackstageSunmi1 BackstageSunmi2 BackstageSunmi3BackstageSunmi4


5 thoughts on “Wonder Girls – Reboot album photos

  1. Hi i like to know if there’s pictures without your watermark? Can you give me the source so i can save their picture? ^^ It’s too pretty and i cant wait to save it hehe.

    • I will update this post soon anyway with unmarked pictures. I just wanted to wait until I have all album pictures. So please wait a bit, I’ll post the unmarked images.

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