Sohee – Limited Edition Korea photoshoots sells phone cases with prints of several artists and has released versions with Sohee as well. The first motive was released in May 2014. Credit for all HD pictures goes to WG World Cafe. Click the pics for full-size.

Sohee Limited Edition Korea HQ

The same picture but in its original colors. It’s smaller though


Bigger but with tag


The second version was released in July 2014

Sohee Limited Edition Korea HQ

The next photos are not from Limited Edition but I will post them here anyway because they were most obviously shot at the same location


The pic above was shared by but I have no idea where it is really from.

A similar picture that was used for Sohee’s Daum profile


And the whole pic that was shared on Sohee’s Facebook



Sohee uploaded this photo herself on her facebook account telling people that she will be back soon! She probably meant her new acting projects!


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