Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.08.23 Mnet Choice Awards outfits

The event where Sohee also won the Hot School Girl award x3 This will be the last post of the So Hot era! Wooooh!

Big pictures first. Click for full-size


Photos from Mnet.com

Next photos were taken by 서른디™ at SLR club ->see here

These here are by stargraphy – photo.sosi.kr

Next pics by Asia Economy – asiae.co.kr

The photos by Newsen are also quite nice

Next by Sports Seoul




Joy News 24

Star News


Yonhap News


One pic by Hankyung

Two fantaken photos of Sohee by enjoy-chui.net

Some fantaken photos but I don’t know who took them.. >_>


Here are some small photos of the WG backstage with some fans

And here’s one more of Sunye x3

That’s all I’ve got from this event BUT WAIT!

The next two pics are from Wonder Girls’ end-of-the-year performance of So Hot from 2008.12.27 at Music Core. Just thought I should share them here as well. Credit to togethertvxq.com

Yay So Hot complete!



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