Sohee – Reebok May 2014 photoshoot

Here are the new photos and CFs shot by Reebok Classic of Sohee and TOP from Big Bang. This time the concept was classy black & white.

소희 리복 화보 촬영

Sohee Reebok Classic photo shootingwondernostalgia.wordpress.comSohee Reebok Classicwondernostalgia.wordpress.comReebok6Sohee4Reebok6Sohee5Reebok6Sohee6Reebok6Sohee7

These next pics are from the shooting of the CFs


There are two versions of CFs – one that is focued on Sohee and one that focuses on TOP

Download Sohee’s version here

Download TOP’s version here

And here’s also an HD cut of an interview with Sohee & TOP at Section TV from 140504

Download the Section TV interview here

Next is a BTS video of the photoshoot making

Download the making video here

And of the CF making!

Download the CF making video here

Wow Reebok was really good to the fans this time! At first I thought we would only get a few pictures but in the end they shared lots of photos in HQ and a lot of video footage 😀 Just awesome~


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