Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.07.19 Music Core outfits

More So Hot pics 🙂

Some are really nice quality. First ones I think are from Newsis. The clickable ones are really HQ!

Wonder Girls So Hot HQ picsWonder Girls So Hot HQ pics

Next ones are by 아시아경제 Asia Economy


One quite large fan-taken pic but unfortunately I don’t know who took it..


Here’s a batch of nice fan-taken pics by quattrors4.egloos.com from the 세화예술제 Sehwa Festival

One pic of Sohee by Star News

Next couple of pics are by Mnet from the M!Countdown performance

Some sponsor pics

Next I’ll just post performance photos taken by the press





My Daily

Some small pics from Imagebank

Here are two fan-taken photos by 4차 원만두. I don’t know if this fan shared more pics..

Lastly.. here’s a pic of Sohee’s.. backside xP by SPD Studio

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