Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.07.18 Music Bank outfits

Now this post will be a collection of all sorts of events. WG mixed this outfits quite a bit with some from other performances but I decided to put them all here.

The first even was when they received their second Cyworld Digital Music Award on 2008.07.22

원더걸스 싸이월드 뮤직 어워드 소핫 직찍 사진

Photos by Stargraphy – photo.sosi.kr


Next are also quite large photos by on GON! SLR club ->see here

SLRAll1 SLRAll2 SLRSunye1 SLRSunye2 SLRSunyeSohee SLRYeeunSohee

More HQ pictures by DVD Prime


Next are nice photos by from the Music Bank performance by 아시아경제 Asia Economy


Here are two sponsor photos of Sunye and Yubin by PARKK Hollywood Summer

3 pics by SportsSeoul21

Next pics are by DB from the 큰울림 한강축제 – Han River Festival

More fan-taken photos by Cityhunter


Pics by hankooki


Go News



These photos are from a different event






Two fantaken photos from 대한민국 60주년 콘서트 – 60th Anniversary Concert of South Korea

Lastly one more pic of Sunye and Yubin


2 thoughts on “Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.07.18 Music Bank outfits

    • Naww I’m so sorry! That’s because the free bandwidth of my photobucket account(s) got exceeded ;.;
      But don’t worry. The bandwidth counts will reset every month so the pictures should be visible again soon!

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