Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.07.12 Music Core outfits

These are the “orange” So Hot outfits although in some performances Sohee wears a blue outfit.

First pics are by Sports Chosun from the Ever Star League


Fantaken pics

Next three photos were taken by fomos.kr

Next are some photos from 여수 전국체전 Yeosu National Games

Here are sponsor photos of Sohee and Yeeun

Next are photos from a different performance


Next pictuers were taken by Orange Pie. That’s probably not the complete batch because I don’t know the original site where these pics got posted..

OrangePieSohee OrangePieSunmi1 OrangePieSunmi2 OrangePieSunmi3 OrangePieSunye1 OrangePieSunye2 OrangePieSunye3 OrangePieSunye4 OrangePieSunye5 OrangePieSunye6 OrangePieSunye7 OrangePieSunye8 OrangePieSunye9 OrangePieSunye10 OrangePieYubin OrangePieYubinSunmi

Here’s a pic of WG with another singer.. but I don’t know who that is xP


Here are pics of WG in New York

Next is a large batch of pics by ningin.com


More New York pics


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