Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.07.04 Music Bank outfits

Here are photos of WGs red So Hot outfits! First two are them with Keroro Fighter plushies!

The next photos are from a photos shooting with Sports Seoul (주)스포츠서울21 – sportsseoul.com

Here are two sponsor photos. The one with Yeeun is really big so click to get the full-size!


Next photos were taken by e-jumbo 점보 – lst1000.blog.me and here at the 자전거 콘서트 일산 라페스타 Bycicle Concert Ilsan La Festa

Three pics of Sohee by jinheezone.mireene.com

A photos of the girls wearing Sneakers.. I’d love to know why they had to perform in sneakers there.. x3

Here are some photos with the girls backstage at Music Bank with some fans posted by cyworld.com/ksw01107

Next are more fan-taken pics at that concert. First by Wonder Holic 소희님

Untagged photos

More concert photos

Lastly one pic of Sunye by 30minutes.lil.to


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