Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.06.28 Music Core outfits

Many awesome HQ photos with these outfits again ^^

SPD took alot of photos this time. The first event was the 남산타워 행사 Namsan Tower Event

Click for full-size =) Credit: SPD Studio 스타포토데일리 – spdstudio.tistory.com

SPDAll1 SPDAll2 SPDAll3 SPDSohee1 SPDSohee2 SPDSohee3 SPDSohee3b SPDSohee4 SPDSohee5 SPDSohee6 SPDSohee7 SPDSohee8 SPDSohee9 SPDSohee10 SPDSohee11 SPDSohee12 SPDSohee13 SPDSohee14 SPDSunmi1 SPDSunmi2 SPDYubin

Next event was the 잠실 롯데월드 cbs 라디오 공개방송 Jamsil Lotte World cbs Radio broadcast

SPD2Sohee1 SPD2Sohee2 SPD2Sunmi1 SPD2Sunmi2SPD2Sunmi3 SPD2Sunye SPD2Yeeun SPD2Yubin1 SPD2Yubin2 SPD2Yubin3

The next photos are also nice HQ from the same event as above by limkim.tistory.com

LimkimSohee LimkimSunmi LimkimSunye LimkimYeeun LimkimYubin

Next pics are also quite HQ by Revolution 할랭아 but they aren’t complete I’m afraid. The ones you can click are high resolution

RevolutionSohee1 RevolutionSohee2 RevolutionSohee3 RevolutionSohee4 RevolutionSohee5 RevolutionSohee6 RevolutionSohee7 RevolutionSohee8 RevolutionSohee9 RevolutionSunmi1 RevolutionSunmi2 RevolutionSunmi3 RevolutionSunmi4 RevolutionSunye2 RevolutionSunye3 RevolutionSunye4 RevolutionSunye5 RevolutionYeeun1 RevolutionYeeun2 RevolutionYeeun3 RevolutionYeeun4 RevolutionYeeun6 RevolutionYeeun7 RevolutionYeeunSohee3 RevolutionYeeunSohee4 RevolutionYeeunSohee5 RevolutionYeeunSohee6 RevolutionYeeunSohee7 RevolutionYubin2 RevolutionYubin5 RevolutionYubin6 RevolutionYubin7 RevolutionYubin8

Next photos are by National wmfrka graphic on SLR club ->see here

Here are some untagged photos

And more untagged ones


Some more photos by The Daydreamer

DaydreamerSohee1 DaydreamerSohee2 DaydreamerSunmi DaydreamerSunye DaydreamerYeeun

Lastly there’s a very large compilation of photos taken by 소쏘 from 원더홀릭 Wonder Holic


Some more photos taken by the same photographer but at a different event


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