Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.06.22 Inkigayo outfits

There is like only one big photoshooting with these outfits and that was done by Sports Chosun. The pictures are very pretty and I also like the outfits alot ❤ I got all these pics from image.newsbank.co.kr

Here are some of the photos above in high resolution from Sports Chosun Star Line. Click for full-size!

원더걸스 소핫 의상 사진 스포츠조선 스타라인

ChosunBigSunmi1 ChosunBigSunmi2 ChosunBigSunmi3 ChosunBigSunye1 ChosunBigSunye2 ChosunBigYeeunSunmi1 ChosunBigYeeunSunmi2 ChosunBigYeeunSunmi3

So the only other pic I have is this compilation of Inkigayo backstage pics.



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