Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.06.20 Music Bank outfits

These outfits are very interesting and unique I think! There are several HQ pics of these ^.^

원더걸스 소핫 고화질 직찍

First ones by lemonlight.tistory.com from the M!Countdown performance. HQ versions are from SLR Club ->see here

LemonlightAll1 LemonlightAll2 LemonlightAll3 LemonlightAll4 LemonlightAll5 LemonlightSoheeSunye LemonlightSunmiYubin

Next ones are also HQ by SPD Studio 스타포토데일리 – spdstudio.tistory.com


Now official photos by Mnet.com

Some pics by Osen

Few by Newsen

Here’s one picture by Stargraphy.net

Here are 3 more fan-taken photos but I don’t know who took them

MCountdown1 MCountdown2 MCountdown3

One backstage photo

Next is a batch of photos from Music Bank focused on Sunmi. Credit: 캐스커

Next are nice HQ pics again from limkim.tistory.com from the YTN STAR 라이브파워뮤직 Live Power Music


More HQ pics by Revolution 할랭아


More Live Power Music photos by Wonder Holic

The next photos are from 그린콘서트 리허설 Green Concert Rehearsal. Credit to Wonder Holic

Lastly there was a magazine that featured Yubin. I don’t know why it’s only Yubin though. The magazine is called 엠톡 M Talk


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