Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.06.15 Inkigayo outfits

There are alot of really great photos with these outfits! I’ll start by posting the best quality ones (:

원더걸스 소핫 사진

The next photos are really great and good quality by 매거진 t – Magazine t – magazinet.com

The next pics are HQ photos by limkim.tistory.com from the 스포츠한국 투나모델선발대회 Sports Korea Tuna Model Contest. Click for full-size!


Two pics by Revolution 할랭아. I don’t know if there are more 😦


The next batch of pics is by Mnet.com from their M!Countdown performance

Next pics by Newsen

Go News 고뉴스

Yonhap News 연합뉴스



Asia Economy 아시아경제 – asiae.co.kr



한국재경신문 jknews.co.kr


Two fan-taken pics from M!Countdown

Next pics are also from that Toona Model event taken by 대이루 from SLR Club ->see here

More fan-taken photos by G.one

More 투나 직찍

Lastly I want to share two photos of similar looking outfits but I don’t know where they are from


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