Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.06.06 Music Bank outfits

Finally! I’ve been looking forward to posting all these awesome photos! WG did alot of photoshootings with these outfits but sadly all without Sunmi 😦 This was around the time when Sunmi repeatedly fainted due to being overworked so she didn’t join WGs promotions for a couple of days. But still the pics are awesome! Some of my favs for So Hot ❤

원더걸스 쏘핫 컴백 뮤직뱅크 의상 기사 촬영 고화질 사진

The first set of photos is by Asia Economy 아시아경제 – asiae.co.kr but only a few got posted in HQ on their website. The rest I got from photoskorea.com


Here’s the complete set

SoHotGroup1 SoHotGroup2 SoHotGroup3 SoHotGroup4 SoHotGroup5 SoHotGroup6 SoHotGroup7 SoHotSohee1 SoHotSohee2 SoHotSohee3 SoHotSohee4 SoHotSohee5 SoHotSohee6 SoHotSohee7 SoHotSohee8 SoHotSohee9 SoHotSohee10 SoHotSohee11 SoHotSohee12 SoHotSohee13 SoHotSohee14 SoHotSohee15 SoHotSohee16 SoHotSohee17 SoHotSohee18 SoHotSohee19 SoHotSohee20 SoHotSohee21 SoHotSohee22 SoHotSunye1 SoHotSunye2 SoHotSunye3 SoHotSunye4 SoHotSunye5 SoHotSunye6 SoHotSunye7 SoHotSunye8 SoHotSunye9 SoHotSunye10 SoHotSunye11 SoHotSunye12 SoHotSunye13 SoHotSunye14 SoHotSunye15 SoHotSunye16 SoHotSunye17 SoHotYeeun1 SoHotYeeun2 SoHotYeeun3 SoHotYeeun4 SoHotYeeun5 SoHotYeeun6 SoHotYeeun7 SoHotYeeun8 SoHotYeeun9 SoHotYeeun10 SoHotYeeun11 SoHotYubin1 SoHotYubin2 SoHotYubin3 SoHotYubin4 SoHotYubin5 SoHotYubin6 SoHotYubin7 SoHotYubin8 SoHotYubin9 SoHotYubin10 SoHotYubin11 SoHotYubin12 SoHotYubin13 SoHotYubin14 SoHotYubin15 SoHotYubin16 SoHotYubin17 SoHotYubin18 SoHotYubin19 SoHotYubin20 SoHotYubin21 SoHotYubin22 SoHotYubin23 SoHotYubin24 SoHotYubin25

Next batch is again a nice photo shooting done for an interview with Mnet 엠넷 인터뷰 사진

Here’s a small set of photos by My Daily – mydaily.co.kr

The big pictures are by pupreecha.com


One photo each by Joy News 24 조이뉴스24 – joynews.inews24.com

Now moving on  to the fan-taken pictures. The photos from the next batch are awesome HQ photos by SPD Studio 스타포토데일리 – spdstudio.tistory.com from the Dream Concert rehearsal. It’s weird because in the final performance they wore different outfits. Anyway these pics are so amazing and I love them ❤ Click each picture for full-size! 드림콘서트 소핫 리허설  초고화질 사진


One small pic from the Dream Concert by Keywui.com

Here are some pics from the Music Bank performance taken by incoming.ivyro.net


And one more of Sohee in Music Bank by SS501누나팬

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