Wonder Girls – So Hot 2008.06.01 Inkigayo outfits

Outfits for their second comeback stage for So Hot. Yubin and Sohee wear the outfits from the jacket photoshooting. Most of these pics here aren’t so great quality though.

원더걸스 쏘핫 컴백 인기가요 인트로 직찍 사진

First pics are by 웨이브 from SLR Club ->see here They are from WG’s YTN Star performance. Click the pics to get the full size.


Next 3 pics are from 연예가중계 게릴라데이트 – Guerilla Date

Next batch of pics is by Photoro

Next are some compilations of photos taken at the YTN Live Power Music by WonderHolic


Next photos are all pretty similar but I like them for the quality. They were tagged 동대문 케레스타 but I think it’s the YTN event.

YtnTalk1 YtnTalk2 YtnTalk3 YtnTalk4 YtnTalk5 YtnTalk6 YtnTalk7 YtnTalk8 YtnTalk9 YtnTalk10 YtnTalk11 YtnTalk12

Performance photos

More pics of the performance. Not so great quality though

Remember the intro for WGs Inkigayo So Hot comeback? There were lots of fans taking pictures during the shooting

More pics from the side. This batch of pics had lots of blurry or backdrop pics so I only upload the ones with the girls nicely visible

Smaller ones but also quite nicely

The photos from the last batch I’m gonna upload are pretty small but I like them x3

3 more that I can’t figure out which batch they belong to

Now I wasn’t sure if I should post the next pics here or not since I don’t really know where they are from. It seems it was a 1677 event but Idk.. photos by WonderHolic

And very lastly there is a small compilation picture. I don’t know where this is from


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