Wonder Girls – So Hot Jacket Photos

Finally I’ll start with WG’s So Hot era ^__^ I really like So Hot because of the outfits and the cute make-up and hairstyles. Here are the jacket photos from the “Wonder Girls: The 3rd Project – So Hot” mini album. Some of these pics are really really large – one pic about 13 mb or something 😀 Just amazing!

원더걸스 소핫 앨범 재킷 초고화질 화보 사진

The big pictures are by 아시아경제 asiae.co.kr. Click the images to get the full-size!

So Hot All
So Hot Sohee
So Hot Sunmi
So Hot Yeeun
So Hot Yubin

Some of the wallpapers are by their 1677 endorsement. These are also very HQ. Click on the images for bigger size.

Here are also 2 small pictures by 1677. I just thought I’d add them for completion


The next pics are small photos from the So Hot MV shooting


If the links to the Asia Economy site aren’t working anymore please leave a comment and I’ll reupload them.


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