Sohee – Oh Boy photoshoot

Sohee’s photoshoot for the OhBoy! magazine released in February 2012. In the first pictures she’s techniqually just wearing underwear.. yeah. I think in this photo shoot she really showed alot of skin! She has her typical poker face expression in almost all of the pics.

원더걸스 소희 오보이 잡지 화보

OhBoySohee2 OhBoySohee3 OhBoySohee6 OhBoySohee7 OhBoySohee8 OhBoySohee9 OhBoySohee10 OhBoySohee11 OhBoySohee12 OhBoySohee13 OhBoySohee14 OhBoySohee15 OhBoySohee16 OhBoySohee17 OhBoySohee18 OhBoySohee20 OhBoySohee21 OhBoySohee22

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