Sohee – ZZIN photoshoot

The most amazing thing about this photoshoot is the making video (download link is below the photos). Sohee had a very Lady Gaga concept here which is completely hardcore compared to her usual cute image. This shows that Sohee can really pull of any concept! These were released in the Z ZIN magazine in December 2011. Click the pictures for full-size of each image.

These pics are scans shared on 원더걸스 월드 Wonder Girls World. 원더걸스 소희 ZZIN 화보집 스캔본

ZzinSohee1 ZzinSohee2 ZzinSohee3 ZzinSohee4 ZzinSohee5 ZzinSohee6 ZzinSohee7 ZzinSohee8 ZzinSohee9

Here is the making vid that shows lots of cool shots with Sohee!

Download the making video here


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