Sohee – Ceci March 2012 photoshoot

Here are the photos released in the March 2012 CéCi magazine. The pics are very bad quality unfortuantely 😦 There are 3 making vids below!

원더걸스 소희 쎄씨 잡지 화보 사진

Ceci1Sohee1 Ceci1Sohee2 Ceci1Sohee3 Ceci1Sohee4 Ceci1Sohee5 Ceci1Sohee6 Ceci1Sohee7 Ceci1Sohee8 Ceci1Sohee9 Ceci1Sohee10Ceci1SoheeCover1b1 Ceci1SoheeCover1b Ceci1SoheeCover3

Downloads of the photoshooting below!

Download version 1 here

Download version 2 here

Download digital cover shooting here

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