Sohee – Cosmopolitan 2012 photoshoot

These photos of the photoshoot for the Cosmopolitan magazine are so awesome! They were released in September 2012 and are extremely high quality. There are two videos of Sohee shot during the interview which you can also download here!

원더걸스 소희 코스모폴리탄 화보 촬영 고화질 사진

Credit for the pictures to Click the images to get the HQ files.

CosmopolitanSohee1 CosmopolitanSohee2 CosmopolitanSohee3 CosmopolitanSohee4 CosmopolitanSohee5 CosmopolitanSohee6 CosmopolitanSohee7 CosmopolitanSohee8 CosmopolitanSohee9 CosmopolitanSohee10 CosmopolitanSohee11 CosmopolitanSohee12 CosmopolitanSohee13

Video downloads below!

Download the photoshooting here

Download the interview here

Credit for the last video: (Source) Baros & BT + (Distribute) DiY_MaN


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