Wonder Girls – This Fool 2007.12.23 Inkigayo outfits

Here are the outfits WG wore for Inkigayo and also for the joint stage with Big Bang on Music Bank. They are slightly different but I thought it’s best to post them both in this one post.

First pictures are photographed by ikezon and posted on SLR Club ->here

Here are some more little photos from this event

Next are the photos taken by fans at the performance with Big Bang 원더걸스 빅뱅 합동공연 직찍 First an untagged one

Next by rina21.ivyro.net

The next pics were taken by 할랭아

Here are 3 by Bestize in 소희님

Here are some nicely big photos of Sohee, Sunmi and Yeeun. Credit: cafe.daum.net/wondercuty

The next big event was a special event to promote Sohee’s movie. That’s why Sohee wears normal clothes and not her stage outfit. These photos by ㈜소희만두 SoheeMandu are very HQ – the pics that are clickable are especially high resolution. 2008.01.03 뜨거운 것이 좋아 특별시사회

ManduSohee12ManduSohee13ManduSohee16 ManduSohee17ManduSohee17ManduSohee21ManduSohee34ManduSohee47ManduSohee48ManduSohee49ManduSunmi9 ManduSunmi10 ManduSunmi11 ManduSunmi12ManduSunye6ManduSunye7ManduYeeun22ManduYeeunSoheeManduYubin6

Well the above photos are really enough HQ from this ‘Some Like It Hot’ event but just for completion I’ll post the press-taken photos as well. First by Go News 고뉴스

And Keywui.com

There are more fan-taken photos but they are rather small and I think these pics are really enough x3


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