Wonder Girls – This Fool 2007.12.15 Music Core outfits

Continuing with the Ebabo outfits. The outfits in these photos are quite mixed because they rarely wore them like they did in Music Core. The first ones are nice quality by ninesix.tistory.com. They were taken at YTN STAR 공개방송 on 2007.12.16. 원더걸스 이바보 의상 직찍 사진

The next couple of small pics were taken at some event but I don’t remember where I found them. Probably daum.net

Next are small pics again. They were taken during their Music Core performance. Credit to DG

Two more pics with these outfits. Photographer unkown..

The next photos were taken at 롯데월드 라디오공방 – Lotte World Radio studio on 2007.12.15

One HQ pic from the Lotte event taken by 완소서노 on SLR Club ->see here

WG also were at a radio program with these outfits. This show was called 친한친구라디오 Best friend radio. Click for download


The next photos are all HQ from Tae-an’s charity concert on 2007.03.23 태안군 홍보대사로 위촉. First are from SPD Studio 스타포토데일리 – spdstudio.tistory.com

SPDAll1 SPDAll2 SPDSohee1 SPDSohee2 SPDSohee3SPDSunmi1 SPDSunmi SPDYubin

More HQ from Taean. Besides the girls were appointed ambassadors to raise awareness of the Taean Oil Spill. So that’s what’s going on there. Click for full-size

Taean1 Taean2 Taean3 Taean4 Taean5

Next event was the 희망콘서트 Youth Hope Concert on 2008.03.29. First pics by gosoo99.egloos.com


There are alot of untagged photos from the same event as above. I picked 3 sample pictures and zipped the rest into a file that you can find below.

Download zip-file here


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