Wonder Girls – Baskin Robbins photoshoot

Since Christmas is right around the corner (wait, what?) I thought it would be nice to upload WGs photos for Baskin Robbins they took alongside filming a CF in November 2007. Those are some cute pink wallpapers and some making pics. Remember these pics are 1024*768 pixels, they only appear smaller because they get squeezed into the design of this blog.

원더걸스 베스킨라빈스 사진 촬영 바탕화면

The next 2 pictures are quite big so you can click to get the real-size images


I have no clue why there are so many different versions of Sohee’s wallpaper while the other girls only have one individual each.. I’m not sure if I have all pictures.. maybe there are more?

Also the next photos seem to be non-photoshopped version of some of the wallpapers above

Not sure if it’s right to include the next photos here because I’m not too sure if they were made for Baskin Robbins but since they wear the same hats.. I guess maybe those were some alternate outfits for the shooting?

Credit: cafe.daum.net/WonderFul


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