Wonder Girls – This Fool 2007.12.09 Inkigayo outfits

Not many HQ pics with these Ebabo outfits sadly. There were some people who took photos but those are so small and in such a bad quality that they’re not share-worthy. Anyway here are the few ones that are nice ^_^

원더걸스 이바보 인기가요 의상 사진

These pics are tagged alonecrow.com but they actually got posted on SLR Club ->here Click the pics to get the full-size

AlonecrowAll AlonecrowSohee AlonecrowSunmi AlonecrowSunye AlonecrowYeeun AlonecrowYubin

Here are two pics of Sunye, Yubin and Yeeun backstage with some guy at 도전천곡후 대기실 – in the waiting room after the 1000 song challenge posted by 별하 in cafe.daum.net/wg070210

The next pics are the only fantaken pics from the 유캔플라이 event that I’m gonna post because they are kind of decent in quality.. credit to cyworld.com/01695856121

Here is one pic that I forget where it is from

And one by Newsen.com although I it looks like they just made a screenshot from the performance :p


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