Wonder Girls – This Fool 2007.12.06 M!Countdown outfits

Here are the photos from Wonder Girls’ Ebabo comeback performance on M Countdown. Just like in Tell Me Sohee is again so cute with her short skirt and cool vest ❤ Love her so much! The other members look cool as well, of course ^.^ 원더걸스 이바보 엠!카운트다운 컴백 고화질 사진

First are the really high resolution photos by blog.daum.net/7237474. Click to see the full-size of the each photo

BigAll2BigAll1 BigAll3 BigAll4 BigAll5 BigSohee1 BigSohee2 BigSohee3 BigSunmi1 BigSunmi2 BigSunmi3 BigSunye BigYeeun1 BigYeeun2 BigYubin

Here are all pics by Mnet. I sorted the douple ones out 엠넷 공연 사진

Next pics are by 1S 일간스포츠 – isplus.joins.com

The pics by Newsen are very Sohee focused

The next pic is by Daily서프라이즈 – Daily Surprise

One group shot which got signed by all girls

and one pic of Sunmi by 스포츠한국 Sports Hanguk – sports.hankooki.com


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