Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2008.05.12 in Thailand

This is the last post with the Tell Me outifts. It’s from the short time when WG promoted in Thailand in 2008 before their So Hot days. The outfits are mixed from older outfits. Sohee’s top is new though. The first pics are from the Digital TV on Mobile Press Conference.

First photos by Ph. Songkiat of kport.multiply.com 원더걸스 태국 직찍 사진

The next photos are taken by Anniemaki of Popcornfor2.com. Click to enlarge the pics

AnniemakiAll1 AnniemakiAll2 AnniemakiSohee1 AnniemakiSohee2 AnniemakiSohee3 AnniemakiSohee4 AnniemakiSunmi1 AnniemakiSunmi2 AnniemakiSunmi3 AnniemakiSunmi4 AnniemakiSunye1 AnniemakiSunye2 AnniemakiSunye3 AnniemakiSunye4 AnniemakiYeeun1 AnniemakiYeeun2 AnniemakiYeeun3 AnniemakiYubin1 AnniemakiYubin2 AnniemakiYubin3 AnniemakiYubin4 AnniemakiYubin5 AnniemakiYubin6

Next are the pics taken by pingbook.com from the Modern Nine Pen Pluem show at the same day

Here is one more bunch of smaller pics by Wonder Holic I think. Credit to cutegiurl.wordpress.com

Wonder Girls also had a small photoshooting for OK Magazine Thailand. First are ‘behind the scenes’ pics

and here are the actual scans from the magazine

Here are two group shots taken with some.. men? Credit to wondergirls.thailand.com

And one pic of Sohee. I think this might also be a scan from a magazine. She looks cute ❤


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