Wonder Girls – No Cut News photoshoot

Before moving to Wonder Girls next promoted song – This Fool, I will post these awesome photos by No Cut News. They were posted on their site (nocutnews.co.kr) on 2008.07.14 and are really high resolution. The quality of the close up shots is really pretty. I also like the clothes WG are wearing! Very summer-like but still chick! Love this so much ❤ 원더걸스 노컷뉴스 초고화질 기사 사진 HQ pics

As I said the photos are very big so click to get the full-size!

NoCutNewsAll1 NoCutNewsAll2 NoCutNewsAll3 NoCutNewsAll4 NoCutNewsAll5 NoCutNewsAll6 NoCutNewsSohee1 NoCutNewsSohee2 NoCutNewsSohee3 NoCutNewsSohee4 NoCutNewsSohee5 NoCutNewsSohee6 NoCutNewsSohee7 NoCutNewsSunmi1 NoCutNewsSunmi2 NoCutNewsSunmi3 NoCutNewsSunmi4 NoCutNewsSunye1 NoCutNewsSunye2 NoCutNewsSunye3 NoCutNewsSunye4 NoCutNewsYeeun1 NoCutNewsYeeun2 NoCutNewsYeeun3 NoCutNewsYubin1 NoCutNewsYubin2 NoCutNewsYubin3 NoCutNewsYubin4


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