Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.24 Music Core outfits

These are the orange-ish outfits WG wore just a few times. So there aren’t many pictures. Since there are so few pictures I post even LQ pics this time.

The first ones are from an event I don’t even know the name of. The photographer is also unknown

The next pic is pretty unique. It’s from their performance in Music Core but Sohee and Sunye wore their MC outfits. I don’t know if the performance we saw in Music Core was pre-recorded or if this was a photo from the rehearsal.. Anyway click the picture for full-size


Continueing with the fan-taken pictures here is a batch by Hwang Jeong-Jun – blog.paran.com/yo2ttang

Next ones are tagged “Last Fairyland” photo by riverstin. Click for full-size


Next photos by ‘This Love’

The next photos are from Stargraphy – photo.sosi.kr taken at 쇼! 뮤직탱크 Show! Music Tank on 2007.11.24 원더걸스 텔미 직찍 사진

Here is one collage of photos taken during some event but I don’t know the photographer. Click for full-size


Now the press taken photos. First by Newsen

Next ones by Newsis


한국재경신문 Korea Finance News – kr.ibtimes.com

Now some more fan-taken photos. The next 3 are by people from DC Inside – gall.dcinside.com


Lastly there’s a batch of small photos taken by Hwaem – blog.naver.com/ja_yu taken on 2007.11.27


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