Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.23 Blue Dragon Award outfits

Here are the white Tell Me outfits WG wore at the Blue Dragon Awards and at the Visual Art Festival on 2007.12.07.

The first pics are from another performance though. The event was called 분당 행사 on 2008.05.02. They are pretty high resolution so click the images for full-view. Also they aren’t tagged so no credits can be given. 원더걸스 텔미 의상 사진

BundangAll BundangSohee1 BundangSohee2 BundangSohee3 BundangSoheeYubin BundangSoheeYubinSunmi BundangSunmi1 BundangSunmi2 BundangSunmi3 BundangSunmi4 BundangSunmi5 BundangYeeun BundangYubinSunmi BundangYubinYeeun

For the next batch I made a zip file again because there are quite a lot of photos. They were taken by (주)소희만두 at SKKU (성균관대) on 2008.05.08. Next are a few preview images from the whole batch. They also include some cute Miso pictures of the two hugging <33 Credit to cafe.daum.net/wondercuty

Download the whole SoheeMandu batch here (104 pics, 51,6 mb)

Next are similar pictures taken at the same event (성대 축제) by Photowaker.com

Next pics are again from this event by Yup. Don’t know at which site they were uploaded though.

Next is a group shot but I don’t know where and when it was taken

WG were at a radio broadcast with these outfits. The next pics were taken during that. Click to see the full-size

Radio1 Radio6 Radio5 Radio4 Radio3 Radio2

In the Golden Disk awards the WG actually wore the red outfits that I will post in another post but for the red carpet event at least Sohee wore her Tell Me outfit as it is. Sunmi is still wearing her skirt. The others wear slightly different outfits but I thought I should put these pics here as well. 원걸 골든디스크 시상식 레드 카펫

The first pic is very high resolution taken by SPD Studio 스타포토데일리 spdstudio.tistory.com. Click the pic for full-view


Next pic is also nicely big but I don’t know who took it since it isn’t tagged

¿ø´õ°É½º, '·¹µåÄ«Æê ¾¦½º·¯¿ö¿ä'

These two nice photos were taken by 19860404.com but I only have Sohee and Sunye I don’t know if that person made pics of the others, too

GoldenDiskSohee GoldenDiskSunye

I will just post all press taken photos from any events now. First by 1S 일간스포츠 – isplus.joins.com

Go News 고뉴스 – gonews.co.kr



Joy News 24 조이뉴스24 – joynews.inews24.com

My Daily made photos from different events. First one was the 2007년 대한민국 국회대상 on 2007.11.29

Next from the 제8회 대한민국 영상대전 on 2007.12.07

Next event was the Golden Disk Red Carpet on 2007.12.14

Next pics are by Newsen 뉴스엔 – newsen.com

Osen – osen.mt.co.kr


SPN 이데일리 – edaily.co.kr

Sports Chosun 스포츠조선 – sportschosun.com. The watermarked pics are from photoskorea.com

Star News 스타뉴스 – star.mt.co.kr


Yonhap News 연합뉴스 – yonhapnews.co.kr

Lastly are some untagged pics


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