Sohee – various media photoshoots

In this post I will upload all photos that the press has taken of Sohee when her movie “Some like it hot/Hellcats” came out. Sohee had a spectacle fetish back then – sometimes she posed with glasses that had no glasses.. xD I love these pictures! She looks cute but elegant at the same time ^_^

These photos were all released on the various news sites in early January 2008. 원더걸스 소희 뜨거운 것이 좋아 기사 화보 사진

First by Sports World – She looks adorable here

Wonder Girls SoheeWonder Girls SoheeWonder Girls SoheeWonder Girls SoheeWonder Girls SoheeWonder Girls Sohee

Next by Osen –

OsenSohee1 OsenSohee2 OsenSohee3 OsenSohee4 OsenSohee5

Joy News 24 조이뉴스24 –

JoyNewsSohee1 JoyNewsSohee2 JoyNewsSohee3

Newsen –

NewsenSohee1 NewsenSohee2 NewsenSohee3 NewsenSohee4 NewsenSohee5 NewsenSohee6 NewsenSohee7 NewsenSohee8 NewsenSohee9 NewsenSohee10

Now the next pictures by No Cut News are really high resolution! They are totally worth downloading! 노컷뉴스 소희 초고화질 사진

NoCutNewsSohee1 NoCutNewsSohee2 NoCutNewsSohee3 NoCutNewsSohee4 NoCutNewsSohee5 NoCutNewsSohee6 NoCutNewsSohee7 NoCutNewsSohee8 NoCutNewsSohee9

Two more photos by NoCutNews


Fnn –

FnnSohee1 FnnSohee2 FnnSohee3 FnnSohee4

Star News 스타뉴스 –

StarNewsSohee1 StarNewsSohee2 StarNewsSohee3

Go News 고뉴스 –

GoNewsSohee1 GoNewsSohee2 GoNewsSohee3 GoNewsSohee4 GoNewsSohee5

Kuki News 쿠키뉴스 –

KukiNewsSohee1 KukiNewsSohee2

1S 일간스포츠 –

1SSohee1 1SSohee2 2008.01.06. »ç³»=ÀÌ¿µ¸ñ±âÀÚ ¿ø´õ°É½º ¾È¼ÒÈñ 1SSohee4

Cine 21 씨네21 –

Cine1 Cine2 Cine3

SPN 이데일리 –

SPNSohee1 SPNSohee2 SPNSohee3 SPNSohee4 SPNSohee5 SPNSohee6 SPNSohee7 SPNSohee8 SPNSohee9 SPNSohee10 SPNSohee11 SPNSohee12 SPNSohee13

My Daily –

MyDaily1 MyDaily2 MyDaily3 MyDaily4

Sports Seoul (주)스포츠서울21 –

SportsSeoulSohee1 SportsSeoulSohee2 SportsSeoulSohee3 SportsSeoulSohee4 SportsSeoulSohee5 SportsSeoulSohee6 SportsSeoulSohee7 SportsSeoulSohee8

Sports Khan 스포츠칸 –

SportsKhanSohee1 SportsKhanSohee2 SportsKhanSohee3 SportsKhanSohee4 SportsKhanSohee5 SportsKhanSohee6 SportsKhanSohee7 SportsKhanSohee8 SportsKhanSohee9 SportsKhanSohee10

Sports Chosun 스포츠조선 – Some are HQ, some are small..

SportsChosunSohee1 SportsChosunSohee2 SportsChosunSohee3 SportsChosunSohee4 SportsChosunSohee5 SportsChosunSohee6 SportsChosunSohee7 SportsChosunSohee8 SportsChosunSohee9 SportsChosunSohee10 SportsChosunSohee11 SportsChosunSohee12 SportsChosunSohee13 SportsChosunSohee14 SportsChosunSohee15 SportsChosunSohee16 SportsChosunSohee17 SportsChosunSohee18 SportsChosunSohee19 SportsChosunSohee20 SportsChosunSohee21

The next pictures I got from but they are actually from Herald Media 헤럴드미디어

HeraldMediaSohee1 HeraldMediaSohee2 HeraldMediaSohee3 HeraldMediaSohee4 HeraldMediaSohee5 HeraldMediaSohee6 HeraldMediaSohee7 HeraldMediaSohee8 HeraldMediaSohee9 HeraldMediaSohee10

Here are more photos which seem to be taken around this time too but I don’t know which sites they belong to


There are two more pictures of Sohee which I think are promotional photos taken of her for the movie.. I don’t know whom to credit though. The first one is high quality again. Click for full-size


Since all the pics above are press photos to promote Sohee’s movie I thought it would be fitting to share all posters and movie stills as well. Most of these pics are very high resolution. Click on each picture to see the full-size 뜨거운 것이 좋아 초고화질 바탕화면


In that shot of Sohee on the motorcycle she doesn’t have ANY make-up on. It looks like she doesn’t even wear the slightest foundation. So you can actually take a look at Sohee’s bare face with no makeup in HQ. Just for those who wondered if she really has baby skin which I think she does 😛


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    • Eek. So sorry. They will be visible again in a week or so.. xP
      I know it sucks. I will figure something out.. I guess I’ll just reupload everything directly to WordPress to avoid this in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience 😦

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