Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.18 Inkigayo outfits

There are loads and loads of photos with these red outfits because WG attended many festivals with them. I will post the most high resolution first.

These are by blog.daum.net/7237474 and are extremely high resolution. The close ups are very detailed! Click for full-view. The event was called 원더걸스와 소녀시대의 환상콘서트 Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation Fantasy Concert on 2007.12.05 and Wonder Girls also held a fan-signing 원걸 팬사인회 초고화질 직찍 사진


SPD also made alot of HQ photos but I don’t have all in big size 😦 The pics you can click are the ones in clear HQ. I’m still looking for the others. Some are also the same as above so yeah.. credit to 스타포토데일리 – spdstudio.tistory.com


Next 4 are also big size but I don’t know who took them

Sohee Sunmi Yeeun Yubin

No Cut News has again very high quality photos. Credit to 노컷뉴스 – nocutnews.co.kr

NocutNews1 NocutNews2 NocutNews3 NocutNews4 NocutNews5

Before I post more fan-taken photos from the Fantasy Concert I will post this first. The next 3 pics are shots from cafe.daum.net/WonderFul taken backstage at the Fantasy Concert 환상콘서트 대기실

One fan has taken a huge amount of pictures and I decided to zip them all in one folder and upload it to mediafire. So you can download it all in one package comfortably. But I’m not sure if they are complete. Below is one picture from the bunch to show you how they look like. Download link is below. Credit to (주)소희만두 (Chu)SoheeMandu

Download the whole collection from SoheeMandu here (345 pics, 67,4 mb)

Next is again a zip file I made from all photos by stargraphy.net (photo.sosi.kr) One example pic again and download link below

Download all pics by Sosi in one file here (60 pics, 25,9 mb)

Next I will upload all press taken photos. First from Melon AX 멜론악스 – ax-korea.co.kr

Here is one big picture with some photos put together by 곰탱이꺼?! on SLR Club ->see here Click for full-size


Next is a big bunch of pictures by e-jumbo 점보 – lst1000.blog.me

Next pics are by Tiny from DC Inside. They aren’t the best quality though

Next I will post all press taken photos that aren’t too small. First by Dailian 데일리안 – dailian.co.kr

Newsen – newsen.com

Lastly I will post some little pics

At some outdoor festival

Two pics of Sohee by 카인

One photo of Sohee by 저

And one little pic of Sohee looking adorable at their fansigning


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