Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.16 Music Bank outfits

These red-black outfits are really cool-looking I think. Too bad they didn’t have a single festival performance with them only on Music Bank. So the only photos are press photos which are quite nice though. This was at 두근두근 라이브채팅 Dugeun Dugeun Live Chatting.

The first ones are amazing HD photos from OhMyNews. Click for full-size!

원더걸스 고화질 텔미 원더걸스 고화질 텔미 원더걸스 고화질 텔미 원더걸스 고화질 텔미 원더걸스 고화질 텔미 원더걸스 고화질 텔미 원더걸스 고화질 텔미 원더걸스 고화질 텔미

Next photos are also quite high resolution from Fnn.co.kr

Next pics are by Go News 고뉴스 – gonews.co.kr. They uploaded some pics with clearer quality but it gets more and more yellow as closer as it gets o.o Especially Sohee ^^”

Next ones are pretty cute by epg.co.kr

All of these photos are from a live chatting they had. One fan uploaded some photos they made during that but only from Yubin. Credit to blog.naver.com/burger0619 원더걸스 라이브채팅 유빈 사진

That’s all the pics there are of the original outfits. They wore them again at festivals in 2008 but they are mixed with other outfits. For example Sohee just wears her outfit from here and Sunmi wears a black skirt instead of red. But since the other three members wear the same outfits as above I thought I’d just post the pics here. So the first fan-taken photos are from 극동대학교 축제 Kukdong University Festival in 2008 by [40d™]T_T on SLR club ->see here and here

The next pics are from 노들대동제 (I don’t know what that means) on 2008.05.23 and taken by [KissX]불꽃시아 on SLR Club ->here

Next pics by 퐁퐁(수원) on SLR Club ->see here They are pretty big so click for full-view


The next batch of photos is taken mainly from the side of the stage. I thought since they are from the SLR gallery I should post them here. Originally posted by [SHINE™]민경아빠 on SLR Club ->see here

Next photos are from the 예당온라인 파워콘서트 Yedang Online Power Concert on 2008.05.03 taken by blog.naver.com/papus

Next ones are by 점보 Jumbo – lst1000.blog.me

The next pics are from the 상운중학교 총동창회 by cafe.daum.net/olyyou and I also found them all (except for one) in bigger size

Next pics are by gomidol.pe.kr or something. Not sure if complete. Click for full-size

BearAll BearSohee1 BearSohee2 BearSohee3 BearSohee4 BearSohee5 BearSohee6 BearSohee7 BearSunmi BearSunye1 BearSunye2 BearSunye3 BearYeeun1 BearYeeun2 BearYeeun3 BearYubin1 BearYubin2 BearYubin3

Next ones are also from a university festival but I don’t know the photographer

Next are pics of Wonder Girls coming up some stairs.. maybe going to an event. Pictures by cyworld.com/kkakkakkakka

The next pics are just a few pics from the whole batch by Revolution 할랭아 see the download button below to download the complete batch. The event was at 천안 선문대 on 2008.05.07

Download the complete batch here (78 pics, 36,9 mb)

In case the file got deleted you can always check my photobucket account for the pictures.

Lastly I want to share the press photos because there are some nice ones.

First by Go News 고뉴스 – gonews.co.kr now eto.co.kr

My Daily – mydaily.co.kr

Newsen only had two share-worthy pictures of Sohee. The others are too small so I won’t share.

Same for Osen

SPN also made photos of only Sohee

The last 5 pics are scans by ss501fan.com from the Junior Magazine June 2008 issue 주니어 6월호 스캔

JuniorYeeun JuniorSunye JuniorSunmi JuniorSohee JuniorYubin


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