Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.11 Inkigayo outfits

Wonder Girls had a performance on a tennis field with these purple outfits and the photos are mostly from that. Not so many though but still.

Nocut News had very high resolution pics again so I’m sharing those first. Click for full-size. 원더걸스 테니스 코트 노컷뉴스 + 스포츠조선스타라인 고화질 텔미 사진


Since SPD (StarPhotoDaily – spdstudio.tistory.com) took some photos I’m sharing these next but I only have the ones of Sohee and Sunmi in big size. The others are from blog.naver.com/dnwjd3023 but they aren’t in the full resolution 😦


Next ones by photoskorea.com. They have light lines in them but they are barely noticable

Next ones by Osen – osen.mt.co.kr

Next by Newsis – newsis.com

Joy News 24 – joynews.inews24.com

1S 일간스포츠 – isplus.joins.com

Go News 고뉴스 – gonews.co.kr

I Culture News – iculturenews.com

My Daily – mydaily.co.kr

Photoro.com – isportskorea.com

Sports Donga – sports.donga.com

Xports News – xportsnews.com

3 untagged ones.. forgot where I found them

Newsen – newsen.com

The next pics are from 신혜성 콘서트 ShinHyeSung’s concert. WG performed at his concert and he joined them in the middle of their performance. Also by Newsen.

This one photo from HanKyung.com is also from that concert

And again from Hyesung’s concert 3 pics from Sina – ent.sina.com.cn

Here’s one cute pic of Sunmi and Sohee (Miso :3)

and the infamous pic of Sunmi with an orange on her head.. that pic got posted over and over in Korean blogs and cafes xD I think she does that to calm down before a performance but it might also show her 4D-ness x3

One pic of Yubin Sunye Yeeun probably also before stage

Those were about all photos taken with these outfits. They used parts of these again in 2008 mixed with parts of the outfits they wore for one of the ‘end of the year’ festivals. Since this post is kinda short I will put these pics here.

First are from 신흥대 축제 Shinheung University Festival on 2008.05.16 by photo.sosi.kr

Next is quite a bunch of pictures from the Incheon University I think taken by 할랭아

The rest of the pictures aren’t really high quality so I will only post a few more. Next ones are also from the Shinheung University and photographed by 신흥김호 on SLR Club ->here

Next couple of pics by hipostar

3 pics from a festival but I don’t know the photographer nor the event

And lastly one pretty freaky pic. They even mixed the blue skirts in. Looks very colorful x3 This pic is from a magazine scan


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