Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.10 Music Core outfits

Most of these pictures are from the G-Star event on 2007.11.10 because the girls barely had any performances with these outfits. So.. I’m just gonna post all G-Star pictures I have collected starting with the highest quality ones :3 원더걸스 지스타 팬사인

First ones are by 잔치끝났다 (bcherry) posted on SLR Club ->see here

Next ones by sajinfeel.com

Next pics are also very sharp by piecachu on SLR Club ->here

Next by Piao

Next pictures are high resolution but I don’t know the photographer so no credit..


Next are very sharp again by e-Jumbo.net Pandora TV

The next ones are taken from behind the crowd but I think the faces are very focused and sharp so I’m posting them. Taken by 체미 on SLR Club ->here


Here are some more big photos but I don’t know who took them

Here are some smaller ones from xportsnews.com

Sunye and JYP sang a song together at ‘Listening Party’. I don’t know which song it was but there are alot of press photos from this. I will only post the better ones though. Like the first two are very high resolution from nocutnews.co.kr


The next ones are also pretty big from 스포츠저선스타라인 Sports Chosun Star Line

SportsChosunAll SportsChosunSunyeJYP1 SportsChosunSunyeJYP2 SportsChosunSunyeJYP3

Next two from JYPs blog – blog.daum.net/jype_jyp

Next by Newsen – newsen.com

By Osen – osen.mt.co.kr

Next by Star News

The others are all very similar so I won’t post more. Only one little Voom sponsor pic of Sohee once again ❤


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