Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.09 Music Bank outfits

There are again two different versions of these pink/rose outfits. The original ones are those worn in Music Bank (basically only Sohee’s skirt is different). I will post all pics I have of these first.

The first ones are very pretty by Yuno (yuno.org) posted on SLR Club ->see here. Really love the quality ❤ Click for full-size! Labeled as 회사 행사 – some company event


Next are also very nice photos by bbeater.blog.me from some 넥슨 Nexon event on 2007.12.12. Click for full-view as always


Here are some untagged ones

Sponser pic of Sohee for Voom

Here are some screenshots from the WGs ‘profile’ on MTVs homepage as far as I know

It seems WG did a little photoshooting with these outfits. Only small pics available though

There has been another promotional photoshooting for ‘Sense Notebook’ 센스 노트북 All wear the pink outfits only Sunmi wears the one orange one from a later performance. But it fits here as well I think x3

WG appeared in a magazine called ‘Cindy the Perky’. Here are the scans by GOODM. The title ‘Wonder girls in 80’s Mood’ is very fitting x3

Those are about all photographs that were taken with the original look of these outfits. They wore them again (with diff skirt for Sohee) in 2008 before So Hot. I will first post the pics from an advertisement photoshoot (I guess for the elections again). There are some high resolution pics.


Next batches are from open air events. The event name for the next photos was 싸이언 비보이 – CYON B BOY Championchip on 2008.05.24 and were taken by SPD Studio – spdstudio.tistory.com – Star Photo Daily


From the same event photos by Limkim – limkim.tistory.com. They are also very HD, so click for full-size!


Same event this time uploaded by 저 in photo.sosi.kr and in SLR Club ->here

StargraphyAll StargraphySunyeSunmi StargraphySohee1 StargraphySohee2 StargraphySohee3 StargraphySohee4 StargraphySohee5 StargraphySohee6 StargraphySohee7 StargraphySohee8 StargraphySohee9 StargraphySohee10 StargraphySohee11 StargraphySohee12 StargraphySohee13 StargraphySohee14 StargraphySohee15 StargraphySohee16 StargraphySohee17 StargraphySohee18 StargraphySohee19 StargraphySohee20 StargraphySohee21 StargraphySohee22 StargraphySohee23 StargraphySohee24 StargraphySohee25 StargraphySohee26 StargraphySohee27 StargraphySohee28 StargraphySohee29 StargraphySunmi1 StargraphySunmi2 StargraphySunmi3 StargraphySunmi4 StargraphySunmi5 StargraphySunmi6 StargraphySunmi7 StargraphySunmi8 StargraphySunmi10 StargraphySunmi11 StargraphySunmi12 StargraphySunmi13 StargraphySunmi14 StargraphySunmi15 StargraphySunmi16 StargraphySunmi17 StargraphySunmi18 StargraphySunmi19 StargraphySunmi20 StargraphySunmi21 StargraphySunmi22 StargraphySunmi23 StargraphySunye1 StargraphySunye2 StargraphySunye3 StargraphySunye4 StargraphySunye5 StargraphySunye6 StargraphySunye7 StargraphySunye8 StargraphySunye9 StargraphySunye10 StargraphySunye11 StargraphySunye12 StargraphySunye13 StargraphySunye14 StargraphySunye15 StargraphySunye16 StargraphyYeeun1 StargraphyYeeun2 StargraphyYeeun3 StargraphyYeeun4 StargraphyYeeun5 StargraphyYeeun6 StargraphyYeeun7 StargraphyYeeun8 StargraphyYeeun9 StargraphyYeeun10 StargraphyYeeun11 StargraphyYeeun12 StargraphyYeeun13 StargraphyYeeun14 StargraphyYeeun15 StargraphyYubin1 StargraphyYubin2 StargraphyYubin3 StargraphyYubin4 StargraphyYubin5 StargraphyYubin6 StargraphyYubin7

The following pics are by 참뉴스 – chamnews.net from a festival at the Kangwon University 강원관광대학 on 2008.05.29

The Wonder Girls were in Thailand for short promotions and they held a fan-signing there on 2008.05.11 that was called ‘Wonder Show with Wonder Girls’. The following photos are by Anniemaki. They are high resolution but when you zoom in you see that they are rather pixelated.. but I still think they are awesome because there are several close-ups of their faces ^_^ 원더걸스 태국 팬싸인회 직찍


Next are a lot of photos from the same event in Thailand by pingbook.com

And lastly some pics focusing on Sunmi by WG-china.com



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