Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.04 Sharing the Love concert outfits

There are two different versions of these mint green outfits. The ones they wore during the regular Tell Me promotions and the ones they wore in spring 2008 shortly before the start of the So Hot promotions. I’ll see that I will pack all pictures in this one post. Hopefully it won’t get too long. Since WG had several advertisement photo shootings with these outfits I will post them first.

The first ones are for the 1677 phone card ads. Some are very small though.

Making shots

And one advertisement poster (maybe a screenshot from their website?)

The next photoshooting advertises the elections that’s why you can see them holding voting papers x3 원더걸스 선거관리 위원회 포스터


Here is another ad for a ‘coin book’.. don’t know. They wear other outfits as well but you can see the Tell Me outfits are there too


Let’s get to the performances. I only share press photos from My Daily because the others only made really small and similar photos

Well the girls didn’t have many performances with the outfits at first so there aren’t many photos but I’ll share what I found.

This batch of pics is by Raybeck – blog.naver.com/raybeck


There are two high quality close up shots of Sohee. I really love these! Sohee’s skin is smooth and flawless! Really admirable <33

Some more pics of Sohee (sorry that it’s only Sohee ^^”)

NOW! Getting to the festival performance photos! First batch is from the M Star Concert on 2008.03.21 by photo.sosi.kr which is now stargraphy.net 원더걸스 엠스타콘서트 텔미 직찍 사진

Next pics were taken by a Sunye fan as they are only of Sunye x3 Taken by Rader of rader.co.kr

The event was called 전주 비보이 그랑프리 CYON Bboy Championship and was held on 2008.05.18

Next pics are from a festival at 연세대 Yonsei University on 2008.05.22 taken by Kang Hee-Bom – kongjak7@nate.com posted on SLR Club ->here


Next ones were in 대동제 but I don’t know what that means.. taken by 캐넌400디 on SLR Club ->here

Next batch photographed by ikezon and posted on SLR Club ->here and here

Next batch is from 한양 대 Hanyang University.. again no clue who took them

The next batches of photos are all from 카이스트 축제 Kaist Festival on 2008.05.01

First ones are really high quality by Sodasu Style – teamiris.wo.to posted on SLR Club ->here and here


Next 3 by New Hawk posted in SLR Club ->here


Next batch by Choi Jung Min

Next couple of pics by Hwang Jeong-Jun – blog.paran.com/yo2ttang

There are ALOT more untagged photos of the Kaist event but I have to sort them first.

Also WG were at alot more festivals with these outfits in 2008 but I only shared the best photos because probably nobody would love these outfits too much anyways, right? x3

Anyway I have one more thing. The magazine Ceci had some articles with photos of the girls backstage getting prepared for their performance. I think they’re quite interesting. It’s only scans though. 원더걸스 쎄씨 12월호 화보


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