Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.11.03 Music Core outfits

WG used these different kind of Tell Me outfits from this day on. I think they look very chick on them ^_^

First I will post all fan-taken photographs at festivals. 원더걸스 텔미 직찍 사진

These photos  are from the 대전 엑스포 Daejeon Expo posted by D2X/럭셔리보더 in SLR Club ->here

Next batch of pics are by Valley Kang – cyworld.com/cbcbcb1

Now the pics from the 아주대 축제 Aju University Festival. First ones by legoman.tistory.com also posted in SLR ->here


One pic of Sohee’s ‘omona’ by ABBA#51 on SLR Club ->see here

Next batch by 이놈자식 on SLR ->see here

Next pictures are untagged and I don’t remember who posted them

Next are by 민꿀 on SLR Club ->see here

There was this huge event called ‘G-Star’ and Wonder Girls held a fan signing during that. Fans posted so many high quality photos of this in SLR Club but also the press took alot of photos. I’ll just post the most HQ photos here so this post won’t get endless long (it’s long enough anyway x3) 지스타 원더걸스 팬싸인회 on 2007.11.08

First ones are by JWStyles™ on SLR Club ->here

Next by ifurita on SLR ->here also tagged as blog.paran.com/ifuritalove

Next 4 pics by 오그미오스 on SLR ->here


Next are very big photos again but I don’t know where they got posted. The photographer I read as 연애소설


Next by Hayasi

Next is a large batch of photos by blog.naver.com/kamikajae08 also some posted on SLR Club ->here

Next some smaller ones by 복돌이 on SLR Club ->here

Next 3 by 꼬딹 (Zero : one fine day) on SLR Club ->here


Next pics by Piao

These ones are a bit blurry but I though I’d still post them. By 준 짱 on SLR ->here


Since this post is already awfully long I’m gonna end with this last batch. It’s from the side but since they are so clear I thought they should be posted. Copyright by hoon

Here are just a few pics I still wanted to share because I like them. Two group shots with a man.. don’t know who that is.

3 cute pics of Sohee ❤

And one sponser pic of Sunmi wearing that cute owl top <33


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