Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.10.28 Inkigayo outfits

Not many photos with these yellow outfits. But they had an interview with Segye and there are some cute photos from this.

Additional to the official photos by segye.com there are also photos tagged with achim 논현 when I read this correctly. The girls look adorable with those soft teddy bears ^_^

원더걸스 세계 일보 인터뷰 촬영  텔미 의상

The next photos are all from 제 7회 구미 문화로 축제 원더걸스 텔미 – 7th festival in Western culture. I don’t know who took them because I found them all over nate.com. Some are in bigger size but cut so I’ll post both. Seems they were posted in very high quality but this low quality is all there is left these days 😦

Next batch is from cafe.daum.net/wgmiso from the same event

And although they are kinda blurry but I thought I’d share the photos taken by 완전실신 as well

Here are two more pics from this festival but the other ones I found are not really share-worthy..

Next are pics from the Social Award Show on 2007.10.31 taken by Support Wonder Girls.com

The next pics of Sohee are from the 1677 phone card shooting but since she wears the tank top with that cute black owl I thought I should add them here ❤ First two are wallpaper sized so click to get the big size


Some bts making photos from the photo shooting

This little one seems to be a sponsor photo for Voom since this is the brand of that adorable top ❤

And one little phone picture


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