Wonder Girls Sohee – J.ESTINA event at Lotte store on 2013.08.16

Decided to share more images from events Sohee attends in the future because I’m always collecting everything Sohee. So I try to make a complete collection of all photos taken at these events.

If I got this right this event was simply like.. a launch event for ‘J.estina’ in the Jamsil Lotte department store. So stars attended and people took photographs x3

130816 잠실 롯데 제이에스티나 매장방문 원더걸스 소희 직찍 사진

The clearest and highest resolution pics first ^^So the first ones are by DearJune – dearjune627.net. Click for viewing in original full-size.



Babygirl also always has very close-up and high quality photos of Sohee. And they are adorable, too ❤ Credit: babygirl.ivyro.net


Next pics are insanly high resolution from cafe.daum.net/wondercuty aka WonderGirls World


The press photos were all very similar so I only picked the best quality ones each. The clickable pics are high-resolution.

?????????????????????????????????????Jestina9?????????????????????????????????????Sohee J.EstinaJestina15Jestina16??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Jestina22?????????????????????????????????????

The last ones are by blog.naver.com/leejy2570. Not so great quality but I’ll share anyways.


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