Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.10.27 Music Core outfits

I also like these rose/pink outfits alot because there are so many good quality photos from the Kim Mi Hwa’s U broadcast on 2007.10.31.

원더걸스 김미화의 U 텔미 공연

First pics are by inphp.tistory.com

From the same event are alot of photos by blog.naver.com/mintheskym also some posted in SLR Club ->here the pictures are very high quality so click to see the full-size


Next pics by blog.daum.net/sunny2k and some pics were posted in better quality on SLR ->here

Next pics by wA-Factory – smilewa.tistory.com


Here are some not so great quality photos from the 올림픽공원 Olympic Park

And one more little batch of these pics by 여사팬

Next two pictures are very high quality awesome pics again by SPD 스타포토데일리 – spdstudio.tistory.com, I want to know if they made more!! Click for full-size!


Next two pics are by Oops – cafe.daum.net/oopsASH

Next we have a whole lot of pics from Mnet’s School of Rock from mnet.com

Next are some fan-taken photos from Music Core backstage and from the MC corner

Some photos by 소희님 Sohee-nim

Some pics by Support Wonder Girls.com

Lastly are some of Sohee’s 1677 phone card ad photos. I put them here because Sohee wore her Tell Me outfit for these. The first one is a HQ wall-paper so click for full-size!



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