Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.10.21 Inkigayo outfits

This post will list all pictures taken with the pink Tell Me outfits. I really like Sohee’s outfit in this one! The top is so pretty and her skirt is so cute!!

First are the pics from a photoshooting with Sports Hanguk 스포츠한국 – sports.hankooki.com

Next is a heavy load of photos from mnet.com first from their M!Countdown performance on 2007.10.25

Those were all pics from the performance. WG was also at a TV show (an interview) but I don’t know how that was called. The following are pics from that show

Here are two super-big photos by NoCutNews 노컷뉴스 – nocutnews.co.kr Click to enlarge


Next I’ll post the good quality fan-taken photos from 한양대 축제 Hanyang University Festival

First batch is by Moda UCC Studio – blog.daum.net/modamoda and on SLR Club ->here

Next batch is by panterathislove.net. Really pretty pics! Lots of Sohee as well ❤

Next photos are by cyworld.com/sarkkum also posted on SLR Club ->see here

Next pics are really high resolution and awesome quality by wasaB contents – wasabcon.tistory.com, click for full-view!


Next pics are by SAWW for HAIWOOSO 해우소 But they aren’t the original quality. I don’t know if the originals exist anywhere online anymore..

Next two photos by LLUN.com, posted by PiNull on SLR club ->see here

Next pics by 뵹신 tagged with eldorado77

Next are a couple of untagged photos which I don’t remember where I found them. The first ones are very high-res so click for big image


Next 5 pics are by 멋대로F5 on SLR Club ->see here

Next 5 pics by 상자안고냥이ㆀ on SLR Club ->see here

Wonder Girls were at another school festival with these outfits. All the next pictures are from the 세종대 축제 Sejong University Festival.

First photos are by blog.daum.net/jymoon93


Here are some pics of only Sohee

Here are photos from the Sejung event that have a frame around them.. once again forgot where I found them O:

More pics from Sejung

Next is a pic of ‘Folder Min’ keke 😛

And two pics of the girls filming for some TV show..

Sohee shot a sponsor photo with this outfit

Next two photos are very nice by AdultBaby – blog.naver.com/abstory_no2, I think there are more but the photographer deleted them >.>


Two small ones by 미니봉 in bestiz

I just thought I should post all photos made by the press of that little photo shooting in that TV show. They are mostly the same though.

First by epg – epg.co.kr

Go News 고뉴스 – gonews.co.kr

Joy News 24 조이뉴스 24 – joynews.inews24.com

My Daily – mydaily.co.kr



Star News 스타뉴스 – starnews.or.kr

Last but no least are the scans from the magazine ‘Wawa Girl’ December 2007 issue. They showed behind the scenes photos from M!Countdown



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