Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.10.19 Music Bank outfits

Finally we’re getting to the golden Tell Me outfits! They’re one of my favs because of the overall glittery and Sohee’s cute ‘never mind’ chick top x3

I will post the photos from a shooting for Osen first. I love these pics so much especially the ones of Sohee because she’s just so adorable and I love her hair-style this way! Credit to Osen – osen.mt.co.kr

The setting for the next batch is kinda.. unique? It’s from a photoshoot for Magazine T – magazinet.co.kr 매거진T 원더걸스 화보 사진

Here is one of the group shots in bigger version

And some small bts photos of the girls

Wonder Girls had this event with Sina (an interview?) and they made alot of photos of the girls with the Sina maskot plushie. Credit for the following pics to sina.com

Also from the same event is a batch of photos by 사진점찍자 on SLR Club ->see here


Sohee looks kinda.. like a real Mandu in the next pics. That hairstyle totally brings out her round face ^^;

Credit to 목말라농약줘 on SLR Club ->here and here (photographed by JK) The event was called 공예비엔날레 청소년 축제


More pictures from this event. Credit to cafe.daum.net/ahnsohee92

And more. These were tagged 세종대 Sejong University. Credit to blog.daum.net/jymoon93


And even more pics complete with photos from when they are arriving. These aren’t so good quality though. Also I don’t know where they are from.

And yet even more similar photos. Credit unknown since untagged


Here are some of only Sohee (probably cut out but I’m not sure)


Now there was this event but I don’t know how it was called and archchez.tistory.com took the following photos of the WG

Here are some random untagged piccies of the individual members

Credit: supportwondergirls.com

Credit: cctoday.co.kr

Next are photos from WGs performance on Music Bank. The photos were uploaded by hentol on SLR Club ->see here but I some pics in even better quality at DC Inside Wonder Girls gallery. So credit to both for the pictures.

Last but not least are 3 photos of Sohee by 소희님 Sohee-nim also from the Music Bank stage


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