Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.10.13 Love Request outfits

WG wore these outfits at several events. Some of them were broadcasted but never in HD. The first one is the one in the title and the second one was on 2007.10.15 on MBC Every1.

Anyway the first pictures are from a photoshooting. Several news sites used these photos like JoyNews24 and Yonhap.

Next we have really high resolution pics of Sohee taken by Asuka from SLR Club ->here

Sohee is so cute in these =^.^= Click for full-size!


Next photos are also HQ close-up shots posted by 우정이꺼 in SLR Club ->here and here


These ones were taken by 사색기행 on SLR Club ->here


Next pics focusing on Yubin are by 사색기행 on SLR Club ->here


Next pics credit to immaschool.com

One event WG attended was called 횡성 한우축제 Hoesong Hanu Festival. The following pics are by 꽃버섯 from SLR club ->here

2 small pics by kay_luv

Newsen also had 4 small pics from their Every1 performance.

Photoro/SportsKorea too

One pic by MyDaily

2 photos by 소희님 Sohee-nim

A couple of pictures by Support Wonder Girls.com

Here are a few pics from the Motor Festival. One photo is tagged jaeho.jaram.org but I don’t know if the pics are all by that photographer.

Here are a couple of pics from the 횡성 한우축제 by 야생에사는말 from DC Inside

The next pictures aren’t that high quality but they are so colorful that I really like them! They’re quite alot so this will take a while to load, sorry ^^” Some are nicely big but others are tiny. I don’t know where they were originally posted but I found them all on Nate.com uploaded on several people’s Minihompis.

Next batch is also rather picture heavy from 경희대 축제 (Kyunghee University Festival) as are the pics above. They are tagged with 경희대학교 미디어센터 (Kyunghee University Media Center). I got them from cafe.daum.net/wondercuty

To end this uber long blog entry I will post some pics from this event that I don’t know who they belong to and aren’t tagged.


Few pics of WG arriving at an event. Yeeun and Yubin getting out of the car. Found on Nate


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