Wonder Girls – Tell Me 2007.10.06 Music Core outfits

The red outfits WG wore first on Music Core. Most pics were taken on the Ufo Town Guerilla Concert event though.

The first photos are from Newsis. They are kinda cute with various objects like teddy bears x3

Next pics are from a photoshooting with Newsen

Next pics are also by Newsen but from the Guerilla Concert on 2007.10.07. 원더걸스 홍대입구 ufo타운 게릴라 콘서트 공연 사진

Following are all fan-taken photos from this event. I sorted them by quality. First batch is by wA-Factory on smilewa.tistory.com and also on SLR Club ->here The photos are really HQ so click to see the full-size ^_^


Next 5 pics are from 지음 of the SLR gallery ->here


One pic by SPD! I want to know if SPD took more photos! They are always so very high quality ;__; Credit: spdstudio.tistory.com


Next batch of photos is by Saww for Haiwooso (don’t know from which site this is)


I don’t know if the next batch is complete but the images were available in different sizes and with different tags (and untagged) so I just share the biggest file I got of each. Credit to (주)소희만두 (Chu)SoheeMandu


There are alot more of nice pics but I will post them at a later time.

The girls were at some other events with these outfits as well. One was YTN Star on 2007.10.27 and there are some photos from this event as well.

These pics are very sharp and high quality tagged as poongwoo but I didn’t find where they were originally posted.. so I don’t know if they’re complete


Next pics by Kkao (again don’t know if complete) also from YTNstar

Next photos were taken at WPD Special Concert on 2007.10.20 and posted in the SLR Club gallery ->here and here


WG were also in Busan on the 20060715 Memory in Busan festival in 여의도공원 Yeouido Park. Photos were taken by armageddon in SLR Club ->here


Lastly for now some small things~

Wonder Girls with ‘Mr. Typhoon’ x3 미스터 타이푼

Wonder Girls on Shim Shim Tapa (radio show)

Just for those who want more photos from the Ufo Concert here are some more untagged ones

If you want to collect even more you can download a zip file of another batch of nice photos from the Ufo Guerilla Concert. It’s 63 pics and 16,1 MB for download click here


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