Wonder Girls – Cafe Mori photoshoot

WG were models for Cafe Mori in 2009. These photos were released in November of 2009. Pretty classy concept. Doesn’t show their unique charms that much but they’re still looking cute and lively. Although I think the make-up artists didn’t really know what they were doing. The girls’ faces are a tint too yellow compared to say their legs x3 Oh well.. they compensated that with their bright smiles so it’s barely noticable xP

The first pic of these is really HQ ^^

Wonder Girls Cafe Mori HQ photo shoot

The next photos were specially released around Christmas, hence the outfits.

The next picture is very large and high quality. Click for full-view to see the details!


Now for the individual shots

The above photos are all from jardinstory.co.kr

Next is one picture from M25 with unique posing (not shared above)

Next are a couple of high resolution wallpapers from cafemoricoffee.co.kr (click for full-size)



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