Photos of Wonder Girls in Thailand 2008

Looking at the date this event was hold veeery late at the end of the Tell Me promotions right before So Hot. But since it’s the exact same outfits as on the Music Bank stage with Big Bang I will upload the pics already.

The exact name of the show is ‘Wonder Show with Wonder Girls’ and it was held in the Siam Paragon (a shopping mall) in Bangkok, Thailand on 2008.05.10. They performed the songs Tell Me, Irony and Take It.

There are ALOT of pics from this event. Lot’s of press photos and also lots of fan-taken ones. To make it easier for anyone who’s really interested to get them all I decided I will make download links to mediafire this time so you can download a whole bunch at once.

태국 원더걸스 공연 사진 텔미 아이러니 가져가

First one is really big by Asiae

Wonder Girls Tell Me in Thailand HQ pics

The next photos are from Pingbook. They really took alot of photos. The following pics are some examples and the download link is below. I hope some people will download these so the link will stay active. If it appears it got deleted please leave a comment and let me know and I will reupload.

Credit to

Download the whole Pingbook batch here (156 pics, 19,6 MB)

Next media outlet took even more photos but smaller and not so sharp. This time from Here are again some pics for preview and underneath the download link of the rar-file with all pictures.

Download the complete en-tk batch here (266 pics, 63,6 MB)

The next batch of pics is by Play@park but sadly I don’t have the originals so the quality is rather bad mostly. Anyway credit to

Next couple of pics are by Fargate0130 @ and

For the next pics I will put up a download link again because they are so many. Photos by toei @ and

Download the complete batch from toei here (90 pics, 4,53 MB)

*more to follow*


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